How To Use Pressure Cooker Instant Pot

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How To Use The Pot In Pot Method In Your Pressure Cooker

How to Use Instant Pot as a Pressure Cooker

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Wondering how to use the pot-in-pot method to cook in your pressure cooker? This tutorial will walk you through the whole pot-in-pot processhow to set it up and what equipment youll need, as well as tips for adapting recipes to cook pot-in-pot!

Have you tried pot-in-pot cooking yet? The pot-in-pot method of cooking in the electric pressure cooker has several benefits!

  • Cooking pot-in-pot lets you make a dish in the pressure cooker without dirtying the inner cooking pot, which is useful if you plan to use the pressure cooker again .
  • Pot-in-pot also lets you make two separate parts of the meal at the same time in the same pressure cooker .
  • Pot-in-pot is necessary for baking things like cheesecakes in the pressure cooker.
  • Its also automatic portion controlthe pot-in-pot method uses cute, smaller-size dishes like cake pans, half-size Bundt pans, mason jars, and ramekins.

I recently had the chance to walk a friend through the pot-in-pot method, and I thought Id take some photos to share with you!

Youll find lots of pot-in-pot recipes in my dessert cookbook, Instantly Sweet.

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Who Invented The Instant Pot

After being forced out of a startup he had co-founded, entrepreneur and doctor Robert J. Wang teamed up with two tech-savvy friends in 2008 to simplify the process of pressure cooking. Putting in more than $300,000 of his own money, Dr. Wang and his team spent 18 months perfecting a device with the same “set it and forget it” attributes of a Crock-Pot. The first iteration of the Instant Pot was released on Amazon in October 2010.

As of 2018, the Instant Pot has made more than $400 million, while inspiring hundreds of cookbooks and . So, how does this miracle machine differ from a standard pressure cooker and why has it achieved cultlike status throughout North America? To get to the bottom of these questions, one must go back almost 400 years to the year 1679.

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What Is A Pressure Cooker

A pressure cooker is a tightly sealed cooking pot that cooks food with high pressure.

Pressure cookers have been around for over 300 years, but it was only after World War II that they became super popular.

But what happened? Is it because people dont know how to use a pressure cooker? Why isnt everyone using them now?

One word: Greed.

Many businesses started manufacturing faulty pressure cookers fulfilling the soaring demand. Eventually, exploding incidents happened over and over again until homemakers were too scared to use them.

However, its starting to have a big comeback because the new generation of pressure cookers are so much safer to use.

Which One Is Right For You

Instant Pot Viva Black Multi

The version you like best comes down to how you like to cook. I would say that the Instant Pot has an edge on the traditional pressure cooker, though. The ease of use is a huge factor to consider.

If you want to be more hands-on with the cooking process, the traditional pressure cooker offers a lot of benefits, in a smaller package.

If youre more interested in a set it and forget it machine that doesnt have to be used on the stove-top, plus the additional safety features and general peace of mind, then the Instant Pot is your better choice.

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St Generation: Mechanical Timer

Instant pots that came first to the market had mechanical timers. The safety features were basic, such as lid locking and excess pressure protection.

Instant pots of the first-gen had sensors to regulate internal temperature and pressure. Their limitation was mechanical control.

The estimated time for cooking wasnt precise, and the device didnt take care of overheating.

How To Make This Chicken Thigh Curry

Turn on sauté mode on your Instant Pot. When its hot, add the ghee, cumin seeds, and onions.

Sauté for 5-7 minutes. If onions begin to burn, either turn the sauté mode to low or add a tablespoon of water.

Add the chicken pieces and cook together with the onion for about 3 minutes.

Turn off sauté mode and add ginger, garlic, garam masala, curry powder, tomatoes, and water.

Lock the Instant Pot lid and set the vent to sealing. Press the Pressure Cook button and set it to 5 minutes. When done, allow the pressure to release naturally, then remove the lid.

Turn on sauté mode again and stir in the coconut milk. Cook for 3-5 minutes, until heated through. You can then turn off the Instant Pot, and add salt and additional curry powder, if necessary. Serve over basmati rice.

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How Are They Different Or Are Pressure Cookers And Instant Pots The Same Thing After All

Pressure cookers and Instant Pots are not the same thing! Instant pots have multiple functions. They are a type of all-in-one cooking appliance. Compared to a single function with a pressure cooker, Instant Pots have many programmable settings, e.g., for cooking rice, soup, or yoghurt.

While an Instant Pot is a pressure cooker, and in this respect the two appliances are the same, its important to note that a pressure cooker is not an Instant Pot It does not have the added functions of an Instant Pot.

Instant Pots have several different settings compared to the one function of a conventional pressure cooker.

Why Do I Get The Burn Message When Making A Recipe And How To Fix It

How To Use The Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

Okay, I get this so much and honestly it drives me little crazy too at times.

Thats because I have my 6qt DUO for 2 to 3 years and in all these years I must have cooked hundreds of meals in it and I have never got the BURN message ever once!

So when you guys ask me why I got the burn message, sometimes its really hard for me to answer because I have never faced it.

But after doing a lot of research, heres what I have found out about the BURN problem-

the burn issue is more prevalent with the newer models, especially the 8 qt. A lot recipes online are developed using the 6 qt but since the 8 qt has bigger surface area, sometimes the liquid is not enough and hence the burn message.

So if you have a 8 qt, you might consider adding little more water than the recipe calls for especially while cooking rice, pasta etc. And make sure water is underneath the food.

another reason why you get this is when you are using thick sauces like pasta sauce, canned tomatoes. Whenever you are using a thick sauce, add water first to the pot then add sauce at the end and after adding Do NOT stir!

starchy food items like pasta, rice, spaghetti also cause the burn issue. In case you face the problem, simply layer things and add the rice/pasta etc. on top and do not stir after adding them if your model is prone to getting burn messages.

If you dont de-glaze the pot, it will not come to pressure and you will get the burn message.

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Wash The Pot Trivet & Lid

Its important to wash the pot, trivet, and lid of the Instant Pot Duo before you start to use it. You can easily just wash them in the sink with a mild dish soap and a sponge, or you can run the pot and the trivet through the dishwasher.

The lid of the Instant Pot should not be put in the dishwasher. Its best to always wash the lid by hand in the sink. This will help preserve the seal that is installed on the underside of the lid.

While we are talking about the lid, its important that you take note of the sealing valve. There are two settings of the Instant Pot Duo lid: sealing and venting.

When cooking something, the seal should always be set to sealing. When you need to release the pressure, the seal should be set to venting .

What Do You Need To Use An Instant Pot

The accessories you use with your electric pressure cooker are up to you. I do most of my pressure cooking with the Ninja Foodi. The appliance came with a dual-layer reversible rack and small silicone oven mitts for taking the pot out of the appliance while it’s still hot. I’ve found these accessories are quite useful, and I rarely need others.

However, depending on what you plan on using your unit for, you may want to pick up additional accessories. Amazon has hundreds of pressure cooker accessories. This kit includes steamer baskets, a springform pan, a dish clip that works well for canning, silicone oven mitts, and magnetic cooking time cheat sheets.

One of the biggest complaints about Instant Pots is that the sealing ring in the lid retains flavors, which can affect how your meals taste. If you plan on making a variety of meals with dramatically different flavors, you might consider buying extra sealing rings.

Also, a glass lid can come in handy when you use your Instant Pot’s non-pressure cooking functions. This will allow you to keep tabs on your meal without letting heat out.

If you’re looking for meal inspiration, there are several Instant Pot cookbooks. “The Ultimate Instant Pot Cookbook” is a particularly popular option.

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Do You Need To Double The Cook Time For A Double Recipe

If you would like to double an Instant Pot recipe, you may double the ingredients . You do not need to double the cook time.

However, you may need to adjust the cook time based on the size/width of meat and vegetables. For example, a small 8 ounce chicken breast will cook faster than a large 12 ounce chicken breast and a small sweet potato will cook faster than a large sweet potato. Read all recipes and directions carefully to determine how long to cook your food.

What Are The Best Things To Cook In An Instant Pot

Instant Pot

The options are endless! You can use an Instant Pot to make rice, cook hard-boiled eggs, and more. Plus, they’re great for large families or anyone who meal preps. I’m not even a good cook, but I love making a huge batch of rice in it, then using the same pot to sauté veggies and simmer with my favorite tikka masala sauce. Whenever I make that meal, my coworkers often say that my lunch smells great â and I always tell them how easy it was to make in my Instant Pot!

Pro tip: Your Instant Pot takes time to come to pressure first before the actual cooking process begins. Expect meals with less liquid to come to pressure and start cooking much quicker than recipes that are mostly liquid , which can take a while to come to pressure first.

You may have thought making pasta was already easy, but wait until you realize how simple it is to make in an Instant Pot. There’s no need to wait around for the water to boil, and you don’t even have to drain it after cooking â the little bit of starchy water that’s left over helps the sauce stick to the pasta.

Our Kitchen Appliance experts love cooking soup, stock, and chili in their Instant Pots. If you’re a fan of steel-cut oats, then you know how long they take to make on the stove â but in an Instant Pot, they only take eight minutes! If you’re cooking meat, be sure to cut large chunks into smaller pieces so it cooks faster.

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What’s The Difference Between A Pressure Cooker And An Instant Pot

By: Jeremy Glass | Updated: Apr 9, 2021

    Sometimes, the lore of a kitchen gadget can spread with the ferocity of a wildfire, dominating countertops across the country for years.

    The latest kitchen tool resonating with amateur cooks and professionals alike is the Instant Pot an all-in-one next-gen pressure cooker that is now one of the bestselling small kitchen appliances in the world. Let’s find out who invented each device and how they are used.

    What Comes In The Box

    Depending on your specific model of Instant Pot, in the box you should generally find:

    • An owners manual, for one. Its boring and confusing, which is why you are reading this.
    • A big ol lid.
    • A silicone gasket that fits in a ring under the lid. Some models come with a spare gasket: one for milder foods, and one for strongly spiced foods like chili or curry. You can switch gaskets to keep the smell from carrying over into your next recipe.
    • The cooker itself .
    • A detachable power cord.
    • The metal insert, a.k.a. the stainless steel pot that actually holds the food.
    • A small translucent plastic drip catcher to collect condensation. .
    • A metal steaming rack. You may or may not use this a lot, but hang onto it anyway.

    Alison Conklin

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    Best Instant Pot Accessories For 2021

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    Instant Pot Accessories ~ Must Have Pressure Cooker…
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    Instant Pot 6-qt Viva 9-in-1 Digital Pressure Cooker…
    Instant Pot 6-qt Viva 9-in-1 Digital Pressure Cooker…
    Instant Pot Accessories Set (Fits 6-8qt Pressure…

    Cons Of The Instant Pot:

    Instant Pot Programmable Pressure Cooker
  • Its not the best choice for cooking every ingredient. I dont cook broccoli or other tender vegetables in it they just turn to mush. Its good at what its good at, and that isnt every single thing.
  • The Instant Pot isnt ALWAYS faster 100 percent of the time. It takes the same amount of time to cook rice in the Instant Pot compared to cooking it on the stove . That being said, I love the texture of pressure cooked rice, and there is no water boiling over the edge of your pot to clean up and deal with either!
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    How Much Pressure Is In A Pressure Cooker

    A pressure cooker essentially looks like a regular pot. However, it is made from heavy-duty material and comes with a modified lid that locks over a rubber gasket creating an airtight seal.

    Its mechanism of action is fairly straightforward and works by increasing the temperature of the boiling water inside the pot by trapping all the steam that would ordinarily evaporate within the cauldron. It is therefore essential that any food getting cooked inside has to have some liquid to boil in to provide sufficient steam pressure.

    The overall effect is that all this trapped steam increases the atmospheric pressure inside the cooker by 15 pounds above the normal sea-level pressure or 15 pounds per square inch . This then causes the boiling point of water to increase from 212°F to 250°F. This higher temperature is what is ultimately responsible for reducing the time it takes to cook food.

    As soon as the cooker reaches full pressure, a release valve on the lid opens to let the excess steam out. This happens in a regulated fashion so that the high temperatures within the pot can be maintained at a constant level.

    A Quick Recap Of Key Cooking Stages

    As we discussed in this post, there are three key phases to cooking in the Instant Pot. Once you add all ingredients and liquids, secure and lock the lid and choose your setting and time, the following things happen:

  • Preheating & pressurizing stage the pot heats up creating steam and pressure inside. This takes 5-20 minutes depending on how much food and liquid you add. Note: food starts to cook during this stage, kind of like when you boil potatoes on the stove they start to cook even before the pot comes to a boil, although most of the cooking happens once the water is super hot.
  • Cooking stage the built-up pressure pushes all the heat and steam inside the pot into the food, cooking it rather quickly. This is when the time youve selected for cooking under pressure starts counting down.
  • Depressurizing stage once cooking under pressure is done , the pot stops heating allowing the steam and pressure inside to escape through the release pipe. If you leave the pot alone, the pressure will release naturally but this can take 10-20 minutes depending on the volume of food inside. During this time, the food continues to cook at a slower rate. If you want to stop the food from cooking right away or you want to eat asap, you can release the pressure manually, which is known as the quick release .
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    How To Use An Instant Pot Or Electric Pressure Cooker

    As an Amazon affiliate, and affiliate with other businesses, I earn from qualifying purchases.

    Wondering how to use your new Instant Pot, Ninja Foodi, Crockpot Express, Power Pressure Cooker XL, or other brand of electric pressure cooker? Let me help you get it out of the box and into your meal plans with this Getting Started Guide! I have all the details you need to get you cooking and loving your machine!

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