How To Steam Using Instant Pot

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Loading Your Steam Basket

Make your own “Steam Juicer using your Instant Pot
  • 1Add 1 to 2 cups of water to the Instant Pot. Measure out your water and pour it into the bottom of the Instant Pot. Use less water for a smaller quantity of food, but go ahead and add the full 2 cups if youre steaming a whole basket of veggies or seafood.XResearch source
  • You dont want the water to go up over the food, since it will boil your meal instead of steaming it.
  • 2Set the trivet on the bottom of the Instant Pot. The trivet is the short rack that came with your Instant Pot. Place it at the bottom of your pot to help hold the food up over the water.XResearch source
  • If the water comes up over the trivet, scoop a bit of it out to lower the level down below the top of the trivet.
  • 3Layer the food in the basket according to cooking time. Check the cooking times in your recipe or Instant Pot cooking guide before you load multiple foods into your steam basket. Place the foods that take longer to cook at the bottom, closer to the water. Top the basket with your quickest cooking food.XResearch source
  • Root vegetables take longer to steam than green veggies. Similarly, seafood also steams pretty quickly.
  • For instance, you might put potatoes on the bottom, carrots in the middle, and broccoli on top.
  • If your basket seems overly full, it may be best to cook your meal in 2 or more batches. Since your Instant Pot is so fast, dinner will still be ready soon.
  • You can use most steam baskets in an Instant Pot.
  • Tips For Perfectly Cooked Instant Pot Vegetables

  • Use a trivet or steamer basket.
  • Cut veggies into equal pieces, to ensure all pieces are cooked the same. Also, only cut veggies if necessary.
  • Don’t forget to add water at the bottom of the pot which is required to create the steam.
  • No fork hole-piercings are needed for starchy vegetables – perks of using an Instant Pot!
  • How Do You Use The Instant Pot Steamer

    Steaming is a great way to cook vegetables quickly and easily. It is a low-temperature method of cooking where moisture evaporates from the surface of the food while retaining the flavor. Steaming works well for delicate vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, spinach, mushrooms, zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, and herbs.

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    Using The Steam Function

  • 1Secure the lid on the Instant Pot. Place the lid over the top of the Instant Pot. Then, turn the lid clockwise until the lock clicks. Double check that the lid is secure by making sure the arrows on the lid and the pot line up.XResearch source
  • If the lid isnt sealed, the steam can escape. If this happens, your food wont cook correctly.
  • 2Turn the little handle near the vent to seal it off. Look on the top of the lid to find the vent switch. Shift it in either direction to close off the vent. This traps the pressure and steam inside the Instant Pot.XResearch source
  • If you dont put the vent in the sealing position, the steam escapes out of the vent and your food wont cook right.
  • 3Push the “steam” button to turn on the Instant Pot’s steam function. Check the lower right area of the control panel for the “steam” button. Watch for the screen to light up and a standard cook time to appear.XResearch source
  • If you cant find the right button, check the instructions that came with your Instant Pot or look up the online guide.
  • 4Set the cooking time using the plus or minus keys. Set the actual cook time without worrying about preheating. Times vary for each type of food, so double check the recommended time the first time you steam a food. Use the time listed in your recipe, if you have one, or use Instant Pot’s handy guide.XResearch source
  • You can find Instant Pots time guide here: .
  • How To Use Instant Pot Chicken Breast

    Instapot or Instant Pot? Your Guide to the Most Useful ...

    Congratulations! You’ve got tender, juicy chicken breast that’s ready to use in this week’s meals. Rub a little butter and salt on your whole chicken breasts and reheat for an easy weeknight meal . Use cubed chicken in Chef John’s top-rated Spicy Chicken Noodles. Shredded chicken makes Mexican night a breeze when used in this Slow-Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup or Baked Chicken and Rice Chimichanga. Browse our entire collection of chicken recipes for more inspiration.


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    What Is A Trivet

    An Instant Pot trivet is a stainless steel rack that holds food or food containers above the liquid in the inner pot.

    The instant pot trivet with handles has two metal hinges on the sides. They act as handles for you to lift the trivet with the cooked food or containers out of the Instant Pot.

    This tool is particularly useful for steaming, pressure-steaming, and cooking with the Pot-in-Pot method.

    How To Use Your Instant Pot: Everything You’ve Wanted To Know

    It’s not just a supercharged pressure cooker — it’s a way of life.

    Like a microwave or an electric kettle, the Instant Pot has become a kitchen staple. This versatile pressure cooker replaces so many countertop appliances, from rice makers to slow cookers. It’s introduced a new generation to pressure cooking, and shown us just how quickly it can cook a healthy meal.

    Whether you’re a new Instant Pot owner or it’s long been stored away in a cabinet, this guide is for you. A longtime Instant Pot owner myself, I’ll guide you through the basics, including explaining those strange buttons and some basic recipes.

    To kick things off, let’s walk through Instapot basics. Even if you’ve owned yours for a while, there’s something here for you, too. Let’s get started.

    More tips:15 healthy Instant Pot recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner | Does the Instant Pot destroy nutrients in your food while cooking? | The best paleo Instant Pot recipes | Best Instant Pot accessories you need right now | Best air fryers of 2020

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    How To Use The Instant Pot For Beginners

    Learn how to use the Instant Pot with step-by-step instructions and photos for manual or smart program pressure cooker settings, how to sauté foods, and how and when to select a natural release or quick release options. Plus, we cover some Instant Pot FAQs and general tips to make your learning curve as the Instant Pot beginner less steep. Lets get started!

    Looking at your shiny new Instant Pot box and wondering where to start? Dont panic! This wonderful kitchen gadget might seem intimidating but its actually very friendly once you get to know it. Lets unpack the box, its time to learn how to use the Instant Pot.

    As part of our Instant Pot For Beginner series, we have also covered what the Instant Pot is and how it works with its key features and cooking stages. Make sure to check them out!

    Storing Leftover Steamed Buns :

    How to Steam Broccoli in Instant Pot – 0 min & tips!

    To prevent them from sticking to one another, place the steamed buns on an oven tray, and partially freeze them in the freezer.

    Then place the partially frozen bao in Ziploc bags. Remove the excess air in the ziploc bags and seal tight.

    For best quality, you can store the bao in the freezer for up to 3 months .

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    Instant Pot Sweet Potatoes

    The Instant Pot is incredible for steaming sweet potatoes, because they otherwise take over an hour sometimes in the oven! No one has time for that!

    Stack a couple whole or chopped up sweet potatoes and place them in the steamer basket, and cook for about 10-30 minutes, depending on the size.

    I always err on the generous side with sweet potatoes and add a couple minutes because having undercooked food in the Instant Pot is THE WORST.

    I use this method for my Instant Pot Sweet Potato Casserole. Its better than Ruths Chris recipe, in my opinion!

    Other Faqs About Instant Pots Which You May Be Interested In

    Instant Pot is a brand name of electric pressure cookers manufactured by Cuisinart. It was introduced in 2007. It is a multi-functional pressure cooker that can be used for making soups, stews, sauces, casseroles, desserts, breads, meats, vegetables, fruits, and even baby food. It is available in two sizes 6 quart and 8 Q. It is very easy to clean and maintain. It comes with a stainless steel inner liner, a nonstick surface, and a safety lock system. It is dishwasher safe. It is equipped with a built-in programmable timer, a pressure indicator, a slow cooker function, a saute mode, a rice cooker function, a yogurt maker function, and a reheat function. It has a removable pressure release valve. It comes with a recipe book and a user manual. It has a 4 year warranty. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices. It is available in different colors. It is priced between $100-$200.

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    Will Steaming In An Instant Pot Overcook Food

    Itâs important to understand that, because of the pressure of the Instant Pot, the duration of your steaming will be much different than traditional stovetop steaming.

    Itâs helpful, first of all, to know the Instant Potâs automatic time settings:

    • If you press only the âSteamâ button, it will automatically steam your food under high pressure for 10 minutes.
    • If you press âMore,â this time will go up to 15 minutes
    • Pressing âLessâ will steam it for just three minutes.
    • You can also change the time manually and adjust the pressure as usual with the âPressureâ button.

    While the steaming process in an Instant Pot can accomplish the same result as steaming on a stovetop, the added pressure of the Instant Pot accomplishes these results much more quickly, in the same way its Pressure settings accomplish many aspects of traditional cooking in less than half the time.

    For tougher veggies like potatoes, carrots and other roots, this can be a great time-saver, and there are really no disadvantages. But for delicate foods that are more easily overcooked, like spinach and broccoli, there can be a risk with the Instant Pot of overdoing it.

    To compound this risk, unlike in traditional steaming over the stovetop, you are unable to check on the progress of your steaming foods while they are inside a pressurized Instant Pot. You will not be able to see how far they have cooked until the process is completely over.

    When Should I Use Keep Warm Function

    Instant Pot® Official Mesh Steamer Baskets

    The Instant Pot can be kept on Keep Warm after cooking most foods. In fact, its very handy if you are finished cooking before youre ready to serve food. Some foods like rice, quinoa, or anything that has soaked up a lot of liquid should be monitored or warmed in a more moist environment to prevent dryness or burning. You can select Keep Warm cycle before you start cooking or after.

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    Instant Pot Green Beans

    If youre noticing a trend, vegetables do incredibly well in the Instant Pot. Try pressure cooking plain green beans in the steamer basket for a quick and healthy side dish.

    I made these for my Instant Pot class just plain pressure cooked green beans and then added some garlic butter on top! So simple! You could also just do a simple squeeze of lemon and a dash of salt.

    Try my famous Instant Pot Bacon Green Beans!

    Want More Practice Bring It Back To Pressure

    Try it again with the same hot water. This time, press Manual and then adjust the 30 minute default time by pressing the button, then press the + button to go up. Lets do 10 minutes.

    You may notice how, if you press Manual and take too long before pressing the other buttons, the cooker will just beep on its own and proceed for 30 a minute pressure cooking time. If you need to re-start, just press Cancel/Keep Warm and start over.

    Since the water is in your cooker is already almost boiling to begin with, the cooker will come to pressure a lot faster than it did the first timewithin a minute or so. Itll hiss, then the hissing will abruptly stop as the pressure indicator button goes up. If the hissing just keeps on going, its probably because you left the valve in the venting position instead of sealed. Just use your spoon handle to nudge it back.

    What next? Same as before: the cooker beeps, the readout will say 10, and then it will switch to LO:00. You can do quick or natural release, whichever floats your boat.

    Coco Morante

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    Instant Pot Steamer Basket

    Like I said, out of all the instant pot accessories you could buy, the steamer basket is the best one because you can use it in so many different, practical ways

    Its best to choose an Instant Pot Steamer basket that can withstand being pressure cooked and not fall apart. This is my favorite steamer basket because it is incredibly high quality.

    This basket does NOT rust, nor does it have silicone noodles covering the legs, which easily trap food/bacteria that you cannot get out. They also honor a LIFETIME guarantee, so they will replace it if anything happens to it.

    Ive tried a couple other baskets, and I promise they are not near the quality. My basket has lasted me years with no sign of wear!

    Instant Pot Steamer Basket Broccoli

    How to use Instant Pot as a Pressure Steamer

    I use my steamer basket the most to make Instant Pot Broccoli. This is one you really need the basket for for the most ideal, perfectly cooked broccoli.

    We consume so much broccoli each week, and the Instant Pot and Instant Pot steamer basket make it so much easier. One and done!

    BONUS: Dont forget to check out my post on the Best Instant Pot Accessories to buy and AVOID!)

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    Can You Cook Frozen Chicken Breasts In The Instant Pot

    While this tutorial focuses on cooking fresh chicken breasts in the Instant Pot, you can easily achieve the same results with frozen chicken breasts using this technique. Just make sure to add 5 additional minutes of cooking time when using frozen chicken breasts. And be sure the breasts are separated before cooking. For more details, learn step-by-step how to cook frozen chicken in the Instant Pot.

    How To Steam Vegetables In An Instant Pot

    This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. wikiHow’s Content Management Team carefully monitors the work from our editorial staff to ensure that each article is backed by trusted research and meets our high quality standards. This article has been viewed 14,210 times.Learn more…

    Say goodbye to mushy, overcooked vegetables! If you have an Instant Pot, use the steamer basket to perfectly cook almost any type of vegetable. Steam a batch of your favorite veggie or mix a flavorful assortment in the basket. Since most vegetables finish steaming by the time the Instant Pot pressurizes, you’ll have delicious, perfectly cooked vegetables in no time.

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    How Long To Steam In An Instant Pot

    However, any vegetable or food can be perfectly steamed in an Instant Pot with intentional timing. Fortunately, it doesnât take any guesswork to figure out the ideal times to steam a variety of foods.

    Refer to the guidelines that came with your Instant Pot to see the recommended times for steaming different types of vegetables and other foods, or refer to online guidelines like these from Taste of Home or these from Instant Pot.

    Here are some of the guidelines from Instant Pot, each for steaming with 1 cup of water :

    • Broccoli florets: 1 minute
    • Potatoes : 5-8 minutes
    • Spinach: 1 minute
    • Butternut squash : 1-2 minutes

    Note that, compared to the automated steaming times in an Instant Pot, the ideal steaming times for most vegetables are very low. In other words, for most delicate green vegetables, you will want to enter a low steam time manually after hitting the âSteamâ button.

    Steaming times for seafood are also low, according to Instant Pot. See some examples for ideal seafood steaming time below:

    • Shrimp or prawn: 1-3 minutes
    • Whole fish: 4-5 minutes
    • Lobster: 2-3 minutes

    While Instant Potâs time guides only give the time for pressure cooking eggs , this recipe suggests the following guidelines for steaming eggs, again with 1 cup of water:

    • Soft-boiled eggs: 3 minutes
    • Hard-boiled eggs: 8 minutes

    How To Buy & Store Beets

    Easy Instant Pot Cauliflower Mash · The Typical Mom

    When buying beets, look for ones where the beet greens are bright in color and the leaves are not wilted or soggy. The beets or beetroot should be firm and the skin or peel should be intact.

    If you do not plan to eat the beets within 1-2 days, remove the beet greens before storing them. You will want to eat the beet greens when fresh. See below for information on how to prepare them and why beet greens are healthy food. Twist off the beet green stems from the beets just above the beetroot as soon as you buy them, otherwise, they will continue to pull nutrients from the beet. Beet greens are best enjoyed fresh as they do not keep well.

    Always store raw beets in your refrigerator. They will last about a month if stored properly. If you do cut off the beet greens to eat them right away, make sure to store the beets in a plastic bag or green bag made for vegetables and keep it vented for air to circulate. This will not only keep them fresh longer but they will ensure any beet juice that may leak from the fresh cut area, which can stain, is contained and does not get in your refrigerator drawers or shelves. Also do not wash them as that will bring on mold faster if they are not dried completely and also can cause a blemish which again may cause beet juice staining.

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