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When you buy the 10 quart Duo Nova, youll also receive 2 silicone sealing rings along with the trivet/steam rack.

If youre new to Instant Pots, having extra sealing rings is really helpful to prevent your desserts from accidentally picking up tastes from the other meals you cook.

If you need additional liners or sealing rings, try reaching out to their support team as these are not currently available for sale directly on their site.

A Quick Look At 10 Quart Instant Pot Duo Nova

The Duo Nova 10 quart is the largest Instant Pot available and only model available at this size currently. It was released in early September 2019 and is available to buy online.

If you didnt realize the 10 quart was an option, its completely understandable. It was also released from the rest of the Duo Nova model line. And it was originally listed separately the 3, 6, and 8 quart pots. You needed to know to look for it.

Here Are The Main Attributes We Looked For And How We Tested Them:

Setup: I timed how quickly I could get the cooker set up and building pressure from the moment I opened the box. I also noted whether I could do this without looking at the instructions or if the controls were confusing. Most units took five minutes or less to set up.

Pressurizing: Many pressure cooker recipes look like they won’t take long, but few recipes factor in the time it takes for the unit to build pressure. A cooker that builds pressure quickly is a real time-saver. I tested how long it took each model to get up to pressure with just four cups of water inside. I also tracked how long the pressure build took during the cooking tests. I gave more favorable scores to cookers that built pressure quickly.

Performance: I put each multicooker through five cooking tests:

Additional cooking functions: Three of the units I tested featured sous vide cooking, and two had air frying capabilities. I cooked a NY Strip at 129 degrees Fahrenheit for two hours to test the sous vide and assessed how tender and flavorful it was. All sous vide cookers performed well. For air frying, I cooked a pound of Ore-Ida Extra Crispy Fast Food French Fries at 400 degrees for eight minutes shaking the basket halfway through and judged the doneness.

I donated most of the pulled pork my family didn’t eat to a local restaurant to keep waste to a minimum. And, extra rice and beans went to feed the pigs at a local farm.

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Can You Cook Frozen Chicken In An Instant Pot

Yes. There are a number of recipes devoted to cooking all kinds of foods from their frozen state in an Instant Pot. For some recipes, a little extra time is required to fully cook the meat, but in other cases the extra time required to come up to pressure is enough extra time to completely cook the food.

Instant Pot Jumbo Boiled Eggs

All The Instant

Date: October 14, 2020 by Christian Guzman This post may contain affiliate links. See Privacy Policy below.

Instant Pot Jumbo Boiled Eggs are quick and easy to make and even easier to peel! Use the double yolk hard boiled eggs to eat by themselves with a little salt or add them to other recipes.

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Best Multitasking Pressure Cooker

The Instant Pot Duo Crisp is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, air fryer, and sous vide machine all in one, making it one of the most useful and economical small appliances we tested.

  • Capacity: 8 quarts
  • Inner pot material: Stainless steel
  • Settings: pressure cook, saute, slow cooker, steam, sous vide, air fry, roast, bake, broil, dehydrate, keep warm
  • Number of included recipes: 100s in the free Instant Brands Connect app
  • Extras: Air fryer lid, air fryer basket, heat-resistant pad for the lid, broil/dehydrate tray, steam rack

Pros: Features air frying and sous vide cooking options, comes with an app with 100s of recipes, easy to set up and use, cooks rice in under 20 minutes

Cons: Tended to build pressure and heat up slowly, didn’t sear well

We tested three units that could air fry or sous vide, but only the Instant Pot Duo Crisp Pressure Cooker could do both. The Duo Crisp comes with two lids: one for the usual multi-cooker activities and another with a built-in fan for air frying. And, an air fryer basket fits in the inner pot to allow for better airflow and flavorful browning. We air-fried frozen French fries and were impressed with how quickly they were ready and how crispy they tasted.

Instant Pot Duo Nova Review

The Instant Pot Duo Nova is close in design to the Instant Pot Duo classic since it features the same 7-in-1 cooking system. As such, Duo Nova is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, a saute dish, steamer, rice cooker, food warmer, and yogurt maker. This means you can free up some counter space and reduce the number of appliances stored away in your kitchen cabinets. Not to mention reduced energy consumption, since Instant Pot Nova is energy efficient and cooks food faster than a standard stovetop.

The frontal control panel is similar to the one used on the Instant Pot Duo classic, so its quite easy to get used to it. The one-touch buttons are easy to activate and the design is intuitive enough so even people who have never used an electric cooker before can have fun with it.

Unlike the classic Instant Pot, Nova comes with an upgrade – the Easy-seal lid. This lid automatically seals the pot for pressure cooking , so you dont have to worry about whether or not you closed the valve. Furthermore, it comes with a quick-release button, so you dont have to open the valve by hand once the pressure cooking process is complete. These features make the Instant Pot Nova best for beginners who feel a bit wary about using an electric multicooker for the first time.

Lastly, the other thing that Nova brings different to the table is its size availability. This design is available in 3, 6, 8, and 10 quarts designs, which makes it an option for any type of household.


  • Ideal for beginners
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    Why Use An Instant Pot

    The Instant Pot is one of the most useful kitchen appliances you can buy, because it drastically cuts down on the cooking time for developing flavors in soups and stews, getting tough cuts of meat tender, and even baking a cheesecake. And there are many accessories that will help you get more out of your Instant Pot.

    If you dont have one yet, check out our guide on which one to buy. Also see our guide to How to Use an Instant Pot for more information.

    • Dont Have an Instant Pot Yet?This guide can help you choose the right one.

    What Can You Not Put In A Pressure Cooker

    Instant Pot Extra Creamy Cheesy Mashed Potatoes | Chef Lorious

    Pressure cookers are known for producing tender, juicy food, so Contreras says theyre probably not the best appliance if youre looking for a crispy, crunchy, or seared texture. For example, you wont get al dente pasta or crispy salmon skin when you use a pressure cooker. Delicate foods, like flaky fish, also arent a good fit.

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    What Can I Make In An Electric Multicooker Or Instant Pot

    Virtually all Instant Pots and off-brand multicookers can pressure cook, slow cook, saute, cook rice, and keep foods warm. Some models can also sous vide, air fry, make yogurt, and much more.

    For more ideas of what is possible with an electric pressure cooker, check out these articles:

    Instant Pot Duo Nova 8 Quart Vs 10 Quart

    If youre wondering how much additional space youll get with the larger model, here are a few things to consider.

    The 10 quart model has a higher power source than the 8 quart, coming in at 1440W. And its the second most powerful Instant Pot, with the Instant Pot Duo Crisp + Air fryer coming in at 1500W.

    The 8 quart model is a little lighter and smaller than the 10 quart model. The larger model weighs just over 5 lbs more. And while the 10 quart is less than an inch taller, it adds another almost 2 inches to the width.

    8 Quart Duo Nova
    14.8L × 15.5W × 14.7H

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    What Instant Pot Accessories Do I Need

    Since each Instant Pot model is a little different, its important to read the manual and learn about the various features and settings of your Instant Pot. Generally, every model will include an outer body with a display panel and buttons, a lid, a pressure valve, a steam release valve, a plastic collector cup to catch any condensation released during slow-cooking, a stainless-steel or nonstick inner pot, a sealing ring that surrounds the lid and helps absorb odors, and a steam rack or basket to elevate food inside the inner pot.

    Any Instant Pot accessories or gadgets you may choose to buy to bulk up your cookers functionality are just a bonus. Depending on what you plan to make with your Instant Pot, extras range from practical and essential to plain old fun. Some people buy extra sealing rings so they can use one for meat and one for baked goods. Some invest in egg trivets if they cook a lot of hard-boiled eggs. Some look into springform pans to make cheesecake and quiche.

    What We Dont Like About Yedi Pressure Cooker

    Which Instant Pot Should I Buy?

    We were overall very impressed with this appliance, so our quibbles are relatively small ones.

    Stirring is required, and a little bit of a hassle, when slow cooking. But thats by no means unique to Yedi Pressure Cooker.

    What might be is that we considered the lid to have a minor design or build faults. It could be improved with a little bit more care and attention.

    Previous users have generally agreed that the Yedi Houseware Appliances website and mobile app for iOS and Android have errors, omissions, or typos. Also, theyre not that helpful regarding recipes. They almost always relate to Instant Pot models! Yedi should develop their own, unique ones to make their product more attractive and competitive against this bigger brand.


    • Offers instant start cooking options that save time
    • High quality and works well
    • Comes with a full accessories package
    • The stainless steel steamer basket enables cooking 2 dishes at the same time
    • Fantastic warranty and customer service


    • Straight out of the box, plugged it in and started beeping with an Error 1 message
    • One and a half years after purchase the valve jumped out
    • All of a sudden it stopped working. Touch control panel didnt light up, and it wouldnt turn on at all

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    How To Peel Hard

    After making your hard-boiled eggs in the Instant Pot, knowing just how to peel a hard-boiled egg will save you a lot of trouble. We recommend using a spoon to separate the egg from the shell, peeling the cracked hard-boiled egg with your hands under cold running water or shaking the hard-boiled egg in a mason jar with water .

    Instant Pot Ultra 6 Quart Review

    Published: · Modified: Oct 24, 2020 by Aneesha · This post may contain affiliate links · As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases ·

    Hey Everyone, I recently got a new toy to play with- The Instant Pot ULTRA 6 Quart 10-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker! It’s the latest-greatest uber-cool addition to the famous Instant Pot family. As if looks weren’t enough, this pressure cooker is loaded with easy and customizable functions too. So, I took the ULTRA for a short test-drive to see if it lived up to the hype. Based on that, here is my Instant Pot ULTRA 6 Quart Review.

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    Brand New Interface & Display

    ULTRA has a brand new interface and a cool LCD display that makes it look pretty hi-tech! That’s a good thing right? So, instead of pressing buttons for programs, you have a central dial that you rotate to get to.

    I have to be honest, when I first started using the dial, I wasn’t a fan. The dial is way too sensitive and I kept going back and forth, trying to get to my setting. I was also comparing it to the convenience of pressing ONE button and selecting the function that I want, instead of having to navigate through the interface till I got to one I wanted.

    For example, say I wanted to cook chicken for 8 mins, let’s compare the number of steps:

    Instant Pot DUO:

  • Press ‘Pressure Cook ,
  • Press the +/- sign till you get ‘8’.
  • Instant Pot ULTRA, when you turn it on, it activates the last program you used, so

  • Rotate the dial and navigate to “Pressure Cook”, press dial to select it.
  • Rotate to ‘Time”, press dial to select it
  • Rotate dial to get to ‘8″, press to select it
  • But after a few days of using it, I was more comfortable with it. It didn’t take me as much time to select the program that I wanted, because I was more familiar with the interface. First time Instant Pot owners won’t experience this learning curve, since they won’t have to unlearn old ways.

    What Does An Instant Pot Do

    Instant Pot Spews Extra Liquid Out – 1287414

    Yeah, why can’t you just get a regular slow cooker? At their core, Instant Pots are electric pressure cookers. The proprietary locking lid creates a seal that heats any water inside far past its boiling point, turning it to steam. When that steam has nowhere else to go, it creates pressure thus cooking food 2-10 times faster than what an oven or slow cooker could do.

    The Instant Pot’s heart is a microprocessor aided by built-in temperature sensors that give Instant Pots the ability to 1. Mimic the cooking functions of multiple different appliances and 2. Switch between those functions at the press of a button. This collection of programs can be tweaked and tailored to perform super specific tasks that you may have struggled with pre-Instant Pot . They get down to the nitty-gritty of heat intensity, pressure, and cooking duration to achieve more precise results in the kitchen. Some of the more advanced models even offer personalized programming and will remember your settings for the next time.

    Each Instant Pot model gains a new cooking method or two, so you aren’t paying for functions you won’t use.

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    Why This Is The Best Way To Bake Potatoes

    • Easy: Toss in up to 8 potatoes , water, close the lid, and set the timer. Done!
    • Versatile: Can be used as a side dish, as a main loaded with toppings, or for healthy mashed potatoes.
    • Quick: A baked potato ready in 22 minutes is a dream.
    • Efficient: Doesnt require turning on the oven and takes up very little space.
    • Texture: Light and fluffy, creamy potato flesh possible with pressure cooking.

    What To Consider When Buying An Instant Pot

    With such a wide array of models available when it comes to Instant Pots and multi-cookers, choosing the right one for you can be confusing.

    Start by considering the different cooking methods offered by the best Instant Pots and multi-cookers, and the dishes you prepare most. While some offer a handful of cooking modes including pressure cooking and slow cooking, others including the Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus have as many as 48 different ways of cooking and can do everything including proving bread and making yogurt.

    Next look at the capacity the Instant Pot can hold and whether it’s sufficient for the number of people you have to cook for. Multi-cookers with a 6 quart / 5.7-liter capacity and above are ideal for those with a large family to feed, or those that want to batch-cook, while a smaller Instant Pot can hold around 3.2 quarts / 3 liters should suffice for an individual or couple.

    On top of that, look out for Instant Pots and multi-cookers that have inner pots that can be used on the stove, when browning meat before slow cooking and are dishwasher safe to make sure you have as few utensils to wash up as possible.

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    How Long Do I Cook Instant Pot Baked Potatoes

    For this Instant Pot baked potatoes recipe, I have tested numerous sizes of potatoes. The most important thing is to make sure potatoes are of similar size and then follow these cooking times:

    • Baby potatoes: Using baby potatoes means youre no longer in baked potato territory but it is still possible to use them. 2 lbs of baby potatoes will take about 2 minutes of cook time, then pressure release naturally for 5 minutes before turning valve to Venting position to release remaining pressure.
    • Small potatoes : 15 minutes on High Pressure.
    • Medium russet potatoes to large potatoes : 20 minutes on High Pressure.
    • Jumbo potatoes: I would cook them for 23 minutes and cook no more than 8 large potatoes at once.

    Other Stovetop Pressure Cookers We Tested

    Instant Pot IP

    $259.95 at

    With a strong and sturdy stainless steel pot and a lid that easily locks into place, we were big fans of the Vitaquick. For one, its large blue pressure indicator is easy to see, with two white ring markings: one ring means its at low pressure, two means its at high pressure. Other great features: a removable handle that makes cleaning a snap , clear measuring markings on the inside of the pot that mean you dont need to dirty extra dishes, and a handy helper handle to carry it without fear of dropping the thing. The materials are high quality and we appreciated the added safety feature of a lid with a button that turns green and clicks when its locked into place. We also really liked the steam release function in the handle that requires just the push of a button to begin rapid release, and that it comes with a lifetime warranty. So what kept it from winning? The Kuhn Rikon did just a bit better job on the risotto and costs a little less. But the Vitaquick was a very close runner-up.

    $299.95 at

    $69.84 at

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