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Key Steps For Rice In The Instant Pot

How to Make the PERFECT Instant Pot Rice – White Rice, Brown Rice and Wild Rice
  • Rinse the rice before cooking. Rinsing rice before cooking removes any dirt from processing, gets rid of starch that can make the rice sticky, and, Ive found, makes the rice taste better. According to Instant Pots manual, rinsing the rice also makes up for the small amount of moisture lost in evaporation during the cooking process.
  • Use the right ratio of rice to water. Instant Pot suggests any rice can be cooked with a one-to-one rice-to-water ratio, but during testing, we found this wasnt universally true both among Instant Pot models and other multi-cookers. Use slightly more water when cooking brown rice and wild rice to prevent undercooking and scorching. Plus, its better to err on the side of more water, since most rice varieties can be drained if theres excess moisture.
  • Pressure cook the rice on high. Lock the lid in place and set to cook at HIGH pressure for the following times:
  • White rice : 5 minutes
  • Long-grain brown rice: 10 minutes
  • Wild rice: 15 minutes
  • Let the rice natural release for at least 10 minutes. Using natural release for rice yields fluffy results and less likelihood that the rice on the bottom of the pot will stick or burn.
  • Instant Pot Brown Rice

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    Instant Pot Brown Rice turns out perfectly fluffy and tender every time. Below youll learn how to cook brown rice in the Instant Pot, along with other varieties, two different ways. It makes the cooking process totally hands-off!

    Brown rice is one of the longer cooking varieties of rice, but the Instant Pot makes the process easier because you dont have to wait for water to boil before you get started. Just add the rice and water, press a button, and walk away! I love the freedom of not having to babysit a pot on the stove.

    My Rice Is Sticking To The Bottom

    Did you do a quick release or a natural release? One of the reasons rice will stick to the bottom is because you have to let the pressure go down slowly instead of abruptly. You want to at least do a natural release for 10-minutes.

    Was your keep warm button on? The heat from the keep warm function can continue to cook the rice during your natural release. Be sure to turn off your keep warm function to prevent the rice from sticking to the bottom.

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    Can You Substitute The Water With Other Liquids

    Substituting water for other liquids like soup stocks and broths adds a burst of flavor to the rice. Whether you choose to use only broth or a mix of broth and water, make sure there is still a 1:1 ratio between rice and liquid. Alternatively, for a creamier liquid like coconut milk, use about half as much, creating a 2:1 ratio of rice to liquid. This prevents the rice from cooking improperly or unevenly.

    Your new Instant Pot will clear up space in the kitchen and make cooking dinner for the whole family faster and easier than ever. This appliance has so many uses that you might as well use all of them! So, donate your rice cooker or save it for a rainy day and make the change to cooking perfect rice in the Instant Pot.

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    How Do You Make Rice In The Instant Pot

    Instant Pot Rice

    Its very simple, but there are a couple changes that I make from my traditional recipe for perfect rice on the stovetop. First is the water ratio While I generally use 1 cup rice to 1 ¼ cups water for my stovetop rice, in the Instant Pot, that ratio drops down to 1-to-1. 1 cup of water for every one cup of rice You can make as little or as much Instant Pot rice as youd like.

    The reason for the reduced water is that the Instant Pot is more sealed than a traditional cooking pot, meaning less evaporation of water during the cooking process. Be sure to rinse that rice before adding it to the Instant Pot, to get rid of any additional starches Just run it under water until the water is clear. The result is perfect Instant Pot rice thats light and fluffy.

    I also like to add in 1 teaspoon of oil for each cup of rice that Im making This not only prevents the rice from sticking to the pot, but it also cuts down on the foaming a bit so that your Instant Pot doesnt sputter and spit. Plus, for perfect Instant Pot rice, I always add a pinch of salt for each cup of rice that Im cooking, to flavor the rice right from the get-go.

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    Rice Usually Fails To Cook In A Few Ways:

    • Too watery: this means your rice is under-cooked.
    • Hard, chewy, or burnt: this means you didnt add enough water or its overcooked.
    • Too mushy and sticky: this means you added way too much water.

    So, the water-to-rice ratios and the cooking times are the utmost important factors for making perfectly cooked rice. Every grain is different though.

    Instant Pot Rice Cook Times

    If you need a quick reference for cooking rice, here is the timing I use for cooking the most common varieties of rice

    • White Rice : 4 minutes at high pressure
    • Brown Rice : 22 minutes at high pressure
    • Wild Rice: 25-30 minutes at high pressure

    With all of these varieties of rice, the water ratio remains the same.

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    Manual Settings For Instant Pot Rice

    Otherwise, rinse the rice and add it to the pot. Add the water . Add a bit of butter or olive oil if desired. Its not necessary but it adds nice flavor. You can also use diluted chicken or vegetable broth instead of the water for even more flavor.

    Season with salt.

    Place the lid on the Instant Pot and lock it. Make sure the valve is sealed. Press Manual or Pressure Cook depending on your machine, select HIGH, and use the + or buttons to adjust the cooking time to 5 minutes. Turn off the Keep Warm button, if possible, which would cause the rice to overcook.

    When the time is up, allow the pressure to naturally release . When the valve has dropped after the pressure has naturally released , open the Instant Pot .

    Fluff the rice with a fork and serve hot.

    How To Cook Rice In An Instant Pot

    How to make Long Grain White Rice in your Instant Pot

    Hi, friends! Today were going to learn how to cook rice in an Instant Pot or other pressure cooker. I guarantee you that this is not the first post on the world wide web on this topic, but as I learned in previous tutorial posts, like how to cook perfect quinoa, just because something already exists on the internet doesnt mean that another version wont be appreciated by someone . So if you are already an Instant Pot rice-cooking savant, feel free to wave as you pass by. And if you are indeed looking for an easy-to-remember method to cook rice in an Instant Pot, youve come to the right place! Lets do this thing.

    Cooking rice in an Instant Pot couldnt be simpler.

    1:1 Water/Rice ratio White Rice 3 Minutes at high pressure with a natural releaseBrown Rice 22 minutes at high pressure with a natural release

    Beth, you mean to tell me you can cook white rice in 3 minutes?

    This is one of my favorite things to have cooking while Im making another meal, because its like borrowing time. Im already in the kitchen cooking or doing dishes or whatever, so its easy to throw in the rice and water into the IP and let it go while Im busy. Then, I pack up the rice in containers or plastic storage bags to keep in the fridge or freezer for later meals. It so SO handy to be able to pull out precooked rice whenever I need it, but without the convenience tax thats added on to precooked frozen rice at the grocery store. Its a small time investment with a big payoff.

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    The Rice Sticks To The Bottom Of The Inner Pot

    Having shiny, slightly sweet, plump, and delicious Japanese rice is the true comfort and luxury for me, so I am willing to spend a little more to purchase short grain Japanese rice from Japan . When I heard from others about rice sticking to the pot, I determined that I would not cook my precious rice in the Instant Pot. Not one piece of rice would go to waste in my house.

    Making Brown Rice In The Instant Pot:

    • Rinse: Use a fine mesh strainer to thoroughly rinse the rice. I often use my hand to move the rice around and make sure it all gets rinsed.
    • Cook: Combine rice, water, butter and salt in Instant pot. Lock the lid and secure the vent and cook on high for 10 minutes
    • Release: Let the pressure release naturally. Carefully remove the lid and fluff with a fork.

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    Instant Pot Jasmine Rice Recipe

    Rachel GurkPosted:

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    Instant Pot Jasmine Rice is fluffy, perfect, and so easy to make. You dont need a rice cooker to have the most delicious, perfectly cooked rice for your next stir fry dinner!

    As promised when I shared the sweet chili chicken stir fry recipe, heres the recipe for Instant Pot jasmine rice! Jasmine rice is one of my absolute favorite things. It has the best flavor and its perfect with any type of stir fry recipe. Did you know that leftover rice is perfect for making yummy Fried Rice? And dont

    Jasmine rice is the perfect accompaniment to this honey balsamic chicken with crispy vegetables, an oven roasted sheet pan dinner. I always serve jasmine rice to soak up the delicious creamy wine sauce in this chicken recipe.

    Or I love jasmine rice completely by itself. With butter.

    There arent many things better than buttered rice, am I right? Well, maybe creamy risotto.

    Its so easy to make jasmine rice in your pressure cooker. As you all probably already know, I have an Instant Pot, but this will work in any type of electric pressure cooker.

    I make three cups of rice , but you could also use this method to prepare as little as 1 cup of dry rice. I always like to make a lot of rice while Im at it. You can store the cooked rice in the fridge or freezer to use for other meals.

    Youre going to want to make an ultra large batch of this jasmine rice, because it is absolutely irresistible!

    Use A Natural Pressure Release

    How to Cook Rice in Instant Pot (White or Brown Rice!)  A ...

    No matter what kind of rice youre cooking, its a good idea to let the pressure release naturally for 10 minutes before opening the pot. This allows the moisture to distribute evenly throughout the grains, and helps it unstick from the bottom of the pot, too.

    You *can* open the pot with a quick pressure release if you like, but it really does benefit from a little resting time!

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    The Best Boxed Rice Made In The Instant Pot

    For the easiest, tastiest Rice-A-Roni, make it right in your pressure cooker. This Instant Pot Rice-A-Roni recipe has a hands-off approach, which means no stirring or standing over a hot stove. Plus, making it in the Instant Pot frees you to make the rest of dinner while its cooking.

    Making rice in the pressure cooker is similar to cooking rice in a rice cooker, except pressure cooking steams the rice with high pressure. This creates tender and flavorful rice each and every time!

    My pressure cooker boxed rice recipe is perfect for those with a 3 quart Instant Pots .

    After owning a 6 quart Instant Pot for years, I purchased a smaller pot several months ago. I use it more than I ever imagined it is the perfect size for side dishes like Rice-A-Roni and mashed potatoes, for making hard-boiled eggs, and recipes like Salsa Chicken and Sour Cream Pork Chops. The smaller pot is about the same size as a saucepan and is dishwasher safe.

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    How Do You Keep The Rice From Sticking To The Bottom

    If your rice is sticking to the bottom of your Instant Pot, this likely means there was either not enough water added or the rice is overcooked. To further prevent sticking, be sure to rinse your rice, stir the rice and water mixture before cooking, turn the Keep Warm function off, and use the Natural Release function when the rice finishes cooking. If following these steps still results in rice sticking to the bottom of the pot, add a tablespoon of oil before cooking.

    Mastering Wild Rice In The Instant Pot:

    How to cook rice in an Instant Pot
    • Rinse: Use a fine mesh strainer to thoroughly rinse the rice. I often use my hand to move the rice around and make sure it all gets rinsed.
    • Cook: Combine rice, water, butter and salt in Instant pot. Lock the lid and secure the vent and cook on high for 15 minutes.
    • Release: Let the pressure release naturally. Carefully remove the lid and fluff with a fork.

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    Natural Pressure Release Vs Quick Pressure Release

    Whats better? Hands down, no doubt > > natural pressure release. If you cook rice longer so you can do quick pressure release, with the hope to have the rice cooked faster overall, it gets sticky and mushy.

    I encourage you to be patient and wait for natural pressure release. I timed all rice and there doesnt seem to be any rhyme or reason to the timing. Even the same kind of rice in the same amount has had different natural pressure release times.

    Why The Instant Pot Is Best For Fluffy Rice:

    • Consistent: Cooking rice on the stove top can vary so much that its hard to get consistent results every time. Depending on how your lid fits, the size of the pot and your heating element you make never get the same result twice.
    • Steady Results: The instant pot is consistent because there is no water lost through evaporation. The heat source is always consistent and the time and setting is the time every time.
    • Natural release: When the rice is done cooking, leave the rice undisturbed and the pressure will naturally begin to release. After about 15 minutes you can manually release the remaining pressure before opening it.

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    How Long Does Rice Take In The Instant Pot

    • 5 minutes for white rice, followed by 10 minutes NPR.
    • 15 minutes for brown rice, followed by 15 minutes NPR.

    NPR stands for Natural Pressure Release, which means simply let the Instant Pot sit untouched after the cooking time is up. On the display, if it reads L00:10, it means its been 10 minutes NPR. Then you turn the valve to venting to release the remaining pressure before opening the lid.

    Its important to let pressure cooker release pressure naturally for the specified time, because its still part of the cooking time.

    Instant Pot Wild Rice

    Failproof Instant Pot Rice

    Ive cut my cooking time for wild rife almost by half since switching from the stovetop to my Instant Pot!

    The rice is fluffy, tender, and perfectly cooked every time.

    Instant Pot Wild Rice is a staple I like to prepare during my weekly meal prep and then have on hand to add to dishes and meals throughout the week.

    Heres how to cook wild rice in your Instant Pot!

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    How To Make Pressure Cooker / Instant Pot White Rice

    White rice is SO quick and easy to make in your pressure cooker. However, this recipe will work in ANY brand of electric pressure cooker, including the Instant Pot, Ninja Foodi, and Mealthy MultiPot.

    This is the recipe Ive made the most in my pressure cooker. In fact, I havent cooked rice on the stove since I tried this recipe.

    I adapted the recipe for the electric pressure cooker from the Three-Minute Spiced White Basmati Rice recipe in the Veggie Queens ebook , The New Fast Food. The pressure cooker really is the best way to make fast food.

    This white rice recipe works well with basmati, jasmine, short and long grain white rices.

    Types Of Wild Rice It Matters

    So, heres what Ive figured out

    The type of wild rice you use REALLY matters. There are so many varieties, and I dont use a variety that can be bought off the shelf at your local supermarket. I buy it from friends who go out in a canoe and harvest the rice by hand, according to traditional Native practices. I pay $11 per pound for this beautiful, local food.

    Our wild rice is not patty-grown. It is not dark black or brown more of a grey-ish brown color.

    If your wild rice is patty-grown, black in color, or machine-parched, your results may be different.

    This is my best guess as to why others who have followed this recipe ended up with vastly different results. Just know that as long as the rice is cooked through not too al dente and not mushy, but perfectly cooked and youre still left with water, simply drain the water and use the rice. Its really ok!

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